Shahin Mafsal Co. was established in 1995 as a manufacturer and supplier of LV, MV, HV, Power Cables Accessories, in order to respond to the increasing demand of Power Industries of Islamic Republic of Iran. We have been covering the growing electricity market of the country in the last 28 years via our registered headquarters in Tehran, our factory and warehouses in Isfahan, and our sales / after sales support agents and representatives spread all over 31 provinces of Iran. We are also capable of carrying out various electrical, environmental, mechanical and chemical tests in our well-equipped in-house laboratory.

Our full-time staff of 75, and more than 200 employees of our nationwide agents and representatives’ network are all well-trained in their fields of activities, and operate under our ISO 9001 – 2015 quality assurance policy. During all these years, we have been cooperating with a number of prominent European and Asian suppliers and / or brands of Cable Accessories, and suppliers of raw materials for Cable Accessories, as sales and after sales support agents’ representatives, and/or importers/distributors.   Our major reference list in the local market includes 39 Electricity Distribution Companies, 16 Electricity Transmission Companies, 12 Electricity Production Companies, TAVANIR (Iran’s Electric Power Mother Company) and its subsidiaries, all major Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Power Cable, Automotive, Steel - Copper - Aluminum, Cement Companies, All major Elec. Power contractors and Consultant Engineers / EPC Contractors, . . .  In addition to our local market, we have a history of exporting our metallic & polymeric products, especially our Copper & Aluminum Cable lugs and Connectors to U.A.E., Iraq, Afghanistan, Italy and a number of other countries. Shahin Mafsal Co. has a comprehensive training program for the customers with different contexts such as, public training seminars, on-site training of the fitters, theoretical and practical training courses, etc.  Our teams of trained fitters are providing installation, and after-sales services in various projects all over the country, and our customers enjoy our policy of offering a 2-year guarantee for products supplied by Shahin Mafsal Co. 

Our comprehensive range of supply of imported and locally produced products includes: -    HV power cable AIS & GIS terminations & joints up to 420 kV -    MV power cable heat-shrinkable and cold-shrinkable terminations & joints up to 52 kV -    LV power cable heat-shrinkable terminations and joints -    MV pluggable (plug-in) terminations up to 36 kV -    Special & transitional cable joints of different types -    LV resin joints -    Heat-shrinkable thin wall, medium wall, thick wall tubes -    Different heat-shrinkable components such as End caps, Rain Sheds, Break-outs, . . . -    Copper, Aluminum, and different types of Bimetallic Cable Lugs & Connectors -    Overhead line and ABC connectors , clamps and splices -    Power Cable Aluminum , Stainless Steel , and Polymeric Cleats & Clamps -     Special Electric Tapes and mastics -    Installation and cable preparation tools for cable accessories