Shear Bolt Cable Lug


Shear Head Bolt Cable Lugs and connectors are the next, more advanced generation of cable lugs and connectors, comparing to after the presently used compression type. These types of cable lugs and connectors are used for terminating Copper and/or Aluminum conductors (bimetallic lugs and connectors) of the same size, or with different sizes.

They may also be supplied without tin-plated, for Al-to-AL      connection / termination only.

No crimping tools are needed, and the Shear Head Bolt will be automatically sheared at a standard, fixed torque (Nm) value. Each        lug / connector may be used on a number of cable sizes considerably reducing inventory requirements of the end-user.

Shear Head Bolt Lugs and connectors are produced and tested according to IEC61238 and En50483.


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