High Voltage Cable Termination


At high voltage levels there is not enough heat shrinkable insulation to control the electrical fields.

In slip-on technology all parts is made of high grade silicon rubber and stress cone is inside these outer sleeve so that any kind of electromagnetic files are fully controlled.

The application of these HV terminations is in AIS or GIS substations and over-headline tower. These connections are used in places like: transformers, switch gears, communications & power cables between two substations and over-headlines.

The range of these terminations are: 72, 145, 245, 400kV

Outdoor Cable Termination for AIS Substation and OHL

  • ESS ( Self Support ) With fiber glass housing and silicon sheds
  • ESP ( Self Support ) With Porcelain housing and porcelain sheds
  • ESF ( Flexible ) for AIS substation and OHL tower
  • EST ( Self-Supporting ) for AIS substation and OHL tower

Plug-in terminations (for transformers and GIS switchgears)

  • MV Connex (up to 52 kV)
  • HV Connex (from 63 up to 400 kV)


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